2017 GLNA Membership

The 2017 Dues Letter and Invoices have been put in the mail. You may pay by check or use PayPal. Basic GLNA  membership dues are 75.00.

If you pay with PayPal please consider adding 3.00  to the dues amount to help GLNA absorb the transaction fee.  Adding this additional amount is not required  but is very much appreciated.

Geist Landing – Member 75.00

Geist Landing – Fellow 100.00
Geist Landing –    Partner 125.00
Geist Landing –    Premier 150.00

The GLNA board thanks you for your participation and membership in your neighborhood.

President Brian Scroggin Director Meade Van Wyck
Vice President Andrea Scroggin Director Dennis McKearn
Treasurer Jerry Solluom Director Linda Sillery
Secretary Dianne Francis Director Robert Sillery
Director Daron Aldrich Director Greg Seigel
Director Patrick Flynn Director Eli Zarfadr
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